Check your Posture!

Hi everyone!  Just checking in to see how you are doing with your posture while working from home or spending extra time reading all the news going on these days.  This new world of ours has made hundreds of people transition to working from home and with the hopes that it was temporary many set up makeshift workstations that did not provide for good posture.

We have been seeing people with neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, and even buttock pain from sciatic nerve irritation due to poor home work stations.  Many are trying to work on lap tops while sitting on an unsupported couch, sticking a lop top on a low fold out table, sitting in a hard fold out chair retrieved from the hall closet, etc.  You get the point!!

Sitting Desk Ergonomics

If you are someone who spends more than 3 hours at a computer in your work day READ ON!  Some helpful instruction on how to set up your desk at home if SITTING:

Sitting Desk Ergonomics

  • Head should be upright, not tilted up or down.
  • Ear, shoulder, elbow, and hip all in a straight line.
  • Lower back supported by a lumbar curve.
  • Thighs are roughly parallel to the floor
  • Minimal bend at the wrist
  • The area behind the knee not touching the seat
  • Feet flat on the floor or on a footrest
  • Telephone should be used with your head upright (not bent) and your shoulders relaxed (not elevated)




Standing Desk Ergonomics

Standing desks are great too! This diagram shows proper set up with key points being:Standing Desk Ergonomics

  • Monitor level and centered with yours eyes 20-30” away
  • Keep wrists at elbow height
  • Shoulders should be in a relaxed position
  • Use a foot stool to place one foot on to give low back relief, you can alternate between feet


If you’re anything like me a lap top is the way to go because I can take it home, to the coffee shop, and back to work again.  So when that is the case a good lap top stand is key.  One product I use, and like to recommend, is called the Ergo Tree.  See pictures below for how it helps our front desk Mandie on the daily!  You can find his stands on Amazon or locally on his website.


Example of good posture at a sitting desk.

Example of poor sitting desk ergonomics.

For any person it is great to take what has been termed “ergo breaks”. If you can you should change your body position every 1-2 hours. This is where desks that can transition from sitting to standing are great! Also, if you can just get up and walk up and down the hallway or do some air squats this is sometimes enough to give the body a good break!  Resolve Physical Therapy can evaluate your posture mobility, strength, and work space!  Click the link for this YouTube video on some easy beginning postural strengthening!