Post-Concussion Physical Therapy

Most people do not associate physical therapy with recovery from concussions.  But working with a physical therapist can be key to fully recovering from a concussive brain injury. Physical therapists can evaluate and treat many problems related to concussion, including problems with balance and dizziness.

If you experience persistent dizziness or difficulty with your balance following a concussion, vestibular physical therapy may help. The vestibular system, which includes the inner ear and its connections with the brain, is responsible for sensing head movement, keeping your eyes focused when you move your head, and helping you keep your balance. A qualified vestibular physical therapist can provide specific exercises and training to reduce or stop dizziness and improve balance and stability.

If you suffer from regular headaches post-concussion, your physical therapist will examine you for neck problems following a concussion. Neck injuries can cause headaches and contribute to some forms of dizziness. Your therapist also can assess your back for possible injuries to your spine.

As symptoms due to concussion improve, your physical therapist will help you resume physical activity gradually, so your body recovers fully from a concussion in the shortest amount of time

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